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2016 Brown Bags, Newsletter

November 2016 - Brown Bag

Litigation Update

Gregory W. Kugle and Mark M. Murakami of Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert provided their fourth annual Hawaii real estate litigation update for the RPFSS. In their presentation, they discussed significant appellate cases involving real estate, title, land use, and eminent domain. Their talk primarily focused on Hawaii cases, but they also discussed some important cases from the mainland.

September 2016 - Brown Bag

Drone Law

Imran Naeemullah of Chun Kerr provided a very interesting presentation on Drone Law. In his presentation entitled, “Recent Developments in the Law of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones): A Real Estate Lawyer’s Perspective”, Mr. Naeemullah addressed the following topics:

  1. Recent regulations promulgated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that change the landscape for the commercial use of drones;

  2. The implications of the FAA’s new regulations for Hawaii real estate attorneys, such as to what extent drones can be used to facilitate real estate transactions; and

  3. Key considerations that attorneys should be aware of when advising clients, including possible answers to the popular question, “Am I allowed to shoot down a drone that flies over my property?”

Mr. Naeemullah’s presentation materials:

Brown Bag September 2016 - HSBA-RPFSS-Presentation-re-Drones
Download PDF • 405KB

Brown Bag September 2016 - ACMA-The-Abstract-Article-re-Small-Unmanned-Aircraft-Systems-Dr
Download • 424KB

September 2016 - Newsletter

Download PDF • 332KB

August 2016 - Brown Bag

Spire Hawaii LLP

Overwhelmed by the complex financial analyses required in the due diligence phase of a commercial real estate deal? Need assistance preparing or evaluating damage calculations in business interruption claims? In their presentation, Building Your Case — How to Leverage Transactional and Litigation Support in Real Estate Deals, Spire Hawaii LLP’s forensic accounting team discussed the unique value forensic accountants can add to an attorney’s work. They also introduced damage calculation models and other financial analysis tools used in general disputes and financial planning, and illustrated how these tools can apply in business interruption claims, due diligence and other real estate transactions.

Brown Bag August 2016 - Spire-Hawaii-RPFSS-Brown-Bag-Presentation
Download PDF • 887KB

June 2016 - Brown Bag

Intellectual Property

Martin Hsia of Cades Schutte gave a very informative presentation on Intellectual Property entitled Top 10 IP Mistakes Hawaii Real Estate and Financing Attorneys Make.

Brown Bag June 2016- IP-Handout
Download PDF • 65KB

April 2016 - Brown Bag

Tax Law

Join Ryan Wilson of Cades Schutte and find out about FIRPTA and HARPTA withholding, including how they apply to sale of entity interests and recent changes to the FIRPTA rules.

Brown Bag April 2016 FIRPTA-and-HARPTA-Presentation
Download PDF • 80KB

March 2016 - Brown Bag

DCCA Divisions

Get the 4-1-1 from Iris Ikeda, Commissioner, Division of Financial Institutions, and Gordon Ito, Commissioner, Hawaii Insurance Division, on their respective divisions.

February 2016 - Brown Bag

Colliers International

Find out where Hawaii’s commercial real estate market is headed in 2016 with Colliers International. The Colliers International team included Sarah Morihara, President/Managing Director; Nathan Fong, Senior Vice President, Retail Services Division; Bill Froelich, Senior Vice President, Industrial and Investment Services Division; Brandon Bera, Vice President, Office Services Division; and Michael Hamasu, Director of Consulting and Research.


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